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An Intro to R for the Excel User

Amieroh Abrahams explains some of the benefits of R:

The era of data manipulation and analysis using programming languages has arrived. But it can be tough to find the time and the right resources to fully switch over from more manual, time-consuming solutions, such as Excel. In this blog we will show a comparison between Excel and R to get you started!

When choosing between R and Excel, it is important to understand how both solutions can get you the results you need. However, one can make it an easy, reputable, convenient process, whereas the other can make it an extremely frustrating, time-consuming process prone to human errors.

I like this post as a way of showing current Excel users how R can perform a variety of tasks programmatically which they might do manually, though the it probably beats up on Excel too much. There’s a good reason why Excel is the single most important business tool out there and people who are deep into Excel can always break out DAX or M to perform operations.