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Capabilities (and Limitations) of Power BI Migration Tools

Chris Webb talks tools:

I have so many customers wanting to migrate from legacy BI tools to Power BI. They are concerned that their current BI tool has an uncertain futureLicence renewals are looming and in the current economic climate organisations are looking to save money. Power BI is not only a lot cheaper than other BI tools, it’s a better tool overall and since Microsoft continues to make big investments in it then migration is clearly a no-brainer.

As a Power BI consultancy owner I have a problem though: I don’t have enough skilled people working for me to keep up with all this demand. What’s the answer? I know! Let’s build a tool that can help migrate all these legacy reports to Power BI!

The result is that, so far this year, I’ve seen or heard of five or six different Power BI migration tools built by various consultancies. That’s great and here at Microsoft we’re naturally supportive of our partners and want as many people to use Power BI as possible. I have reservations about some of these tools though, and these reservations fall into two categories.

Read on for Chris’s take on the topic.