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Power BI Report Source Redirection

Dan English re-binds some reports:

This is a follow up to the post Azure Analysis Services (AAS) Migration to Power BI Premium Experience that I did back in December. In that post I mentioned the following towards the end of the post –

If you have existing Power BI reports using the AAS live connection you are able to use the report rebind API to point the report to use the Power BI dataset. The one thing to note as pointed out in the documentation is that as of now if you need to modify the report layout you would need to do that directly in the service. That portion of the migration process is still being worked on and hopefully should be updated to resolve the issue so that you will be able to download the redirected report from the service, modify it, and then publish the report back to the Power BI service.

In this post I want to touch on this a bit more and provide some follow up based on work that has taken place since that post on the migration rebind (redirection) process.

Dan shows the process and also tells us about a gotcha along the way.