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Running Power BI Report Server

Reza Rad stays on-premises:

Power BI is not only a cloud-based reporting technology. Due to the demand for some businesses to have their data and reporting solutions on-premises, Power BI also has the option to be deployed fully on-premises. Power BI on-premises hosting is called Power BI Report Server. This post concerns using Power BI in a fully on-premises solution with Power BI Report Server.

This post will teach you everything you need about the on-premises world of Power BI. You will learn how to install Power BI Report Server, learn all requirements and configurations for the Power BI Report Server to work correctly, and see all the pros and cons of this solution. At the end of this post, you will be able to decide if Power BI on-premises is the right choice for you, and if it is, then you will be able to set a Power BI on-premises solution up and running easily.

I used Power BI Report Server for a few years. My short version is that it’s really useful if you aren’t allowed to use Power BI Online (as was my case) but if you know what’s in the Online version, you’ll see just how much you’re missing out on.