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Find and Take “Missed” Backups

Tracy Boggiano checks the lost-and-found:

I blogged a few years ago about my configuration tables for Ola Hallengren’s maintenance solution that allows me to pull the configuration parameters from tables so I don’t have to edit SQL Agent jobs and allows me to query tables to see how all my jobs are configured with Ola’s maintenance solution.  I’ve updated these as I’ve implemented them at my new job.  But I was talking to another DBA about another trick I have implemented that I didn’t originally publish and it’s how I make sure I get a full or differential backup for all databases even when things fail without a bunch of manual intervention.

With Ola’s script if you default to passing in USER_DATABASES for your @Databases parameter you can query the msdb for your time period, in my case a week (168 hours), all the databases that have been backed up and return those with a minus sign concatenated together so you can exclude those from being backed up, and append those to @Databases parameter where it has USER_DATABASES already using the below code with the magic of XML and the STUFF command and pass that back to the DatabaseBackup procedure:

Read on for the code.