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Extended Event Performance Metrics in SQL Server 2022

Mitchell Sternke looks at some new extended events:

Running Extended Event (XEvent) sessions on SQL Server has a cost. Since XEvents was designed for high-performance, this is usually unnoticeable. However, it can become an issue depending on which events, actions, and other XEvent features are in use. New metrics available in SQL Server 2022, in Azure SQL Database, and in Azure SQL Managed Instance can help you understand the performance impact of using XEvents in your database.

The sys.dm_xe_session_events DMV (sys.dm_xe_ database_session_events on Azure SQL Database) provides one row for each event found in an active session definition, allowing you to see all events that are currently publishing on your SQL Server instance. Four new columns have been added to help with troubleshooting performance:

Read on to learn more about these columns and what they can do for you.