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Table Designer and Query Plan Viewer in Azure Data Studio

Erin Stellato announces two features in GA for Azure Data Studio:

Azure Data Studio provides users with the ability to complete operational tasks such as deploying a database, creating tables, and writing queries.  A logical next step for many users is troubleshooting or improving query performance, a task that is now easier with the general availability of Query Plan Viewer.  From the query editor, you now have the ability to display the estimated or actual plan for a query or set of queries.  This graphical plan provides a visual map to understand the steps the SQL Server engine takes when it retrieves or modifies data.  Saved plans can also be viewed in Azure Data Studio, and for enhanced troubleshooting, two plans can be compared to understand differences and more easily identify problems. 

The lack of a good execution plan viewing tool was a major limitation in Azure Data Studio (and the SQL Sentry plugin wasn’t a good fix even when it was available).