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Approximate Percentiles in SQL DB and SQL MI

Balmukund Lakhani has an announcement:

Approximate query processing was introduced to enable operations across large data sets where responsiveness is more critical than absolute precision. Approximate operations can be used effectively for scenarios such as KPI and telemetry dashboards, data science exploration, anomaly detection, and big data analysis and visualization. Approximate query processing family has enabled a new market of big data HTAP customer scenarios, including fast-performing dashboard and data science exploration requirements.  

Today, we are announcing preview of native implementation of APPROX_PERCENTILE in Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Managed Instance. This function will calculate the approximated value at a provided percentile from a distribution of numeric values.

This is way faster than using the PERCENTILE_CONT() or PERCENTILE_DISC() window functions. For a decent-sized query, I was getting anywhere from 5-20x performance improvements, and the larger the dataset, the bigger the gains. It is important to note that the approximate percentiles are not window functions, so you don’t get one row back per row of input.