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Creating a SQL Server Assessment Dashboard

Robert Blackburn builds a dashboard:

We must periodically evaluate the state of our databases. Luckily for SQL Server, Microsoft provides us with a customizable assessment through their SQL Assessment API Repo and API Documentation. You can change the rules per database and output the results to a database to track history.

However, that will take more than an hour. Let’s create a dashboard with the default rules in under an hour. We will use Azure Data Studio (ADS) and Power BI Desktop (PBI). If you are not familiar with them, both are free. Azure Data Studio is automatically installed with SSMS 18.7 and higher. You can also install them individually.

Read on to see how this works. Granted, it will not auto-update but unless the assessment output format changes between runs, at least you wouldn’t need to modify Power BI and could just refresh the data.