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General Purpose Tier Azure SQL DB Performance

Reitse Eskens continues a series on comparing tiers of Azure SQL Database:

In my previous blog, I wrote about the serverless tier, the one that can go to sleep if you’re not using it for more than one hour (minimum). That tier is cheaper as long as you’re not running it for more than 25% of the time. If you need more time, go provisioned.
Another difference between serverless and provisioned is that the provisioned one gets a set number of cores whereas the serverless one has a minimum and a maximum number of cores. So this time, the blog is about the provisioned tier where you choose a fixed number of CPU’s with a fixed monthly cost.

Click through for the analysis. I’ll reiterate here that I really hope Reitse has some graphics at the end (or at least tables) which sort of lay out where the boundaries between tiers are and what the performance and cost profiles look like between them.