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SQL Server Non-Vulnerabilities

Sean Gallardy has an A+++ 10/10 would read again rant:

I get asked if I know anything about <newest SQL vulnerability as reported by random website>, quite often. Generally, my answer is that I don’t for two main reasons… the first being that none of them are actual vulnerabilities, and the second being that none of them are particularly new but merely items from the same bag of tricks everyone else uses and isn’t a buffer overrun/privilege escalation/etc. item. My normal response after taking a quite peek at whatever article is referenced is generally the same response as The Dude, “Yeah, well, you know, that’s just like uh, your opinion, man.”, as all of these items are purported to be vulnerabilities but yet none actually exploit any vulnerability.

Did you know that if you steal someone’s username and password from the sticky note on their monitor, you can use that to connect to a SQL Server? Amazing vulnerability there—it doesn’t even check that you’re the real person who should have those credentials!