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Automating Bring-Your-Own-Key Rotation for TDE in Azure SQL DB

Shoham Dasgupta announces a new preview program:

Transparent data encryption (TDE) in Azure SQL Database and Managed Instance helps protect against the threat of malicious offline activity by encrypting data at rest.  TDE with Customer-Managed Key (CMK) enables Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) scenario for data protection at rest, by allowing a key stored in a customer-owned and customer-managed Azure Key Vault to be used as the TDE Protector on the server or managed instance.

When using TDE with Customer-Managed Key, one of the important responsibilities that customers need to perform on a regular basis is key rotation, that is, rotating the TDE Protector on the server by switching to a new key (or new version of the earlier key) from Azure Key Vault. Key rotation is a critical activity for an organization that is required to meet security and compliance objectives.

Automated key rotation for Azure SQL Database and Managed Instance is now available in preview, simplifying key management responsibilities for customers.

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