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Installing SQL Server on CentOS

Nisarg Upadhyay has a walkthrough for us:

In this article, we will understand how we can manage a SQL Database in CentOS 8.0. This article is the first article on the topic Manage SQL Server on CentOS.

1. Step-by-step Installation of SQL Server and client tools in CentOS

2. Create and connect to the SQL Database

I have created a virtual machine on a workstation and installed CentOS 8.0. First, let us install SQL Server on CentOS.

One quick note is that CentOS is no longer officially supported as a platform for SQL Server on Linux. It’ll still work fine, though if you use it in production and run into a problem, there’s a risk that you wouldn’t be able to get timely support. Still, if you’re just trying it out on a personal device and you like the Red Hat-like experience versus Ubuntu-based distributions, getting Microsoft support isn’t all that relevant.