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Granular Permissions in SQL Server 2022

Andreas Wolter notes some permissions changes:

In the last 3 years, the SQL Security team has put more emphasis on enabling customers to use SQL Server while adhering to the Principle of least Privilege (PolP). As part of that effort, all new features in the next SQL Server release: SQL Server 2022, can be controlled with more granular permissions. SQL Ledger is a good example of such a new feature. It comes with separate permissions for creating (ENABLE LEDGER) vs dropping ledger tables (ALTER LEDGER); a separate permission to view ledger content (VIEW LEDGER CONTENT) for auditing purposes; and another independent permission to generate a ledger digest (GENERATE LEDGER DIGEST).

Besides new features, a lot of effort also went into improving the existing set of permissions, namely by making them more granular. This has happened in 3 distinguishable areas:

Check out the changes they’ve made.