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EndOf in KQL

Robert Cain is the alpha, Robert Cain is the omega:

My post, Fun With KQL – DateTime Arithmetic, demonstrated how to do date / time math in Kusto. Then in my previous post, Fun With KQL – StartOf, we showed how to use the StartOf... functions, to calculate the beginning of time periods based on a date that is passed in.

If you’ve not read the previous post I’d highly encourage you to do so now, as there are parallels between it and the endof... functions we’ll discuss in this article, namely endofdayendofmonthendofyear, and endofweek.

I’ve enjoyed Robert’s series but I really wanted this to be the last thing he covers so I could call it “EndOf the Line for KQL.” But because I don’t know if it really will be the last post in the series (other than maybe a conclusion post), I can only reference that momentary bit of cleverness here.