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What’s New in SynapseML

Nellie Gustafsson and Mark Hamilton share an update:

SynapseML is a massively scalable (feel free to spin up hundreds of machines!) machine learning library built on Apache Spark. SynapseML makes it easy to train production-ready models to solve problems from simple classification and regression to anomaly detection, translation, image analysis, speech to text, and just about any ML challenge you are facing.  Under the hood, SynapseML integrates a wide array of ML technologies such as LightGBM, Vowpal Wabbit, ONNX, and the Cognitive Services into a single easy to use API compatible with MLFlow. We know, we know, everyone hates when developers invent new APIs, but you can rest easy because SynapseML integrates cleanly into existing Spark ML APIs so you can embed models directly into existing pipelines. We strive to make SynapseML available to developers wherever they work, and the library is available in a variety of languages like Python, Scala, Java, R. As of this release SynapseML is also usable from .NET, C#, F#.

Saving the best language for last, I see. Click through for the list of updates.