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Feeding Synapse Spark Info to On-Prem Kafka Clusters

Bhadreshkumar Shiyal finds a solution:

Microsoft’s official documentation for Azure Data Factory contains a tutorial which explains how to access an On-Premises SQL Server from Azure Data Factory which is inside a Managed Vnet. You can go through that article here: Access on-premises SQL Server from Data Factory Managed Vnet using Private Endpoint – Azure Data Fac….

Although based upon the article’s solution, to meet our requirements we needed to substitute On-Prem Apache Kafka for On-Prem SQL Server and instead of an Azure Data Factory inside a Managed Vnet, we used a Synapse Workspace inside a Managed Vnet. The “Forwarding Vnet” concept explained in the above tutorial remains as-is in our approach.

As soon as you turn on Data Exfiltration Protection (DEP), the lockdown is real. Click through to see what the process of exfiltrating data through an approved mechanism looks like.