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Locking Mechanisms in Apache Hive

Shobika Selvaraj documents lock types in Apache Hive and what commands acquire which types:

In the Shared lock there are two types one is Shared_read and Shared_write. Shared_read means anyother shared_read and shared_write query can run at a time. Shared_write lock which means any other shared_read can be performed but no shared_write lock can acquire at that time.

In Exclusive locks no shared_read or shared_write can perform at the same time.

There are three types of lock state:

   (a) Acquired – transaction initiator hold the lock
   (b) Waiting – transaction initiator is waiting for the lock
   (c) Aborted – the lock has timed out but has not yet been cleaned

I was a bit surprised about inserts being shared read but that’s not a typo in the table—Shobika brings receipts.