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Reading from and Writing to Excel with R

Benjamin Smith needs to modify an Excel file:

I was recently asked as part of a larger task to combine multiple sheets from an excel workbook into a into a single sheet. When approached about the problem I immediately was asked if I was going to use VBA to do it. While I know my way around VBA, since VBA does not have a native way to undo its operations I was uncomfortable with the potential hazard using VBA would yield if a mistake was made or something wrong happens.

In this blog I share how its possible to combine and format sheets using the openxlsx package and base R. Since I’m limiting myself to one library and base R, I will be employing base R’s pipe operator – |>, instead of the superior magrittr pipe – %>% (my opinion only, don’t take it too seriously).

Can confirm, the magrittr “default” pipe is better.