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The First 30 Days as a DBA

Tracy Boggiano has some experience with new jobs:

Over the last four years, ok it seems longer than that, I’ve started four jobs. A couple just weren’t good fits. One I was at for three years. I currently just finished my first 30 days at my fourth one. Having done the first 30 days several times over the last few years, I’ve searched each time what you would do when you start that new position to take over the environment. What would you evaluate, where to start with everything, what to do first? With no luck mind you. So, I’m going to blog about my journey through this as I’ve done it several times over my career and believe it can help others as they start new positions know where to begin. Coincidentally, Aaron Bertrand (t) just blogged about his first month at Stack Overflow as a DBRE.

I can’t believe it’s been four years since Tracy and I worked together. Somebody’s been messing with my time machine, right?