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DOP Feedback in SQL Server 2022

Erik Darling talks about a potentially exciting feature:

I’m not going to demo DOP feedback in this post, I’m just going to show you the situation that it hopes to improve upon.

To do that, I’m going to run a simple aggregation query at different degrees of parallelism, and show you the changes in query timing.

Figuring out where that elbow is (in other words, when you move from approximately-linear gains to sub-linear gains) can be extremely helpful. Of course, this is like solving a partial equilibrium problem: it’s part of the problem but there’s a whole separate general equilibrium problem from there—what’s the best number of cores for this query with the constraint that I have all of these other queries running on a busy server? But before I make it seem like I’m minimizing the value of this, the partial answer will, in many circumstances, be good enough.