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Tips for SQL Developers

Lee Markum has a few tips for you:

SQL Server Developers are under-rated.

That’s right! I’m a DBA and I said, “SQL Developers are under-rated.” Dedicated SQL Developers help I.T. teams by writing efficient code that gets just the data that is needed and in a way that leverages how the database engine works best. How do you ensure you’re doing great work for your company and building code that will stand the test of time?

I’m so glad you asked!

Click through for Lee’s advice. One big thing I’d add to Lee’s list is to understand the domain. Query writing skills are quite fungible across domains—moving from health care to auto parts sales, you don’t need to re-learn SQL—but understanding some of the arcana of the organization and its industry makes it a lot easier to know you’re writing good queries, getting valid data back, and not forgetting some important business rule.