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Apache Flink Table Store

Jingsong Lee and Jiangjie Qin have an announcement:

As of now it is quite common that people deploy a few storage systems to work with Flink for different purposes. A typical setup is a message queue for stream processing, a scannable file system / object store for batch processing and ad-hoc queries, and a K-V store for lookups. Such an architecture posts challenge in data quality and system maintenance, due to its complexity and heterogeneity. This is becoming a major issue that hurts the end-to-end user experience of streaming and batch unification brought by Apache Flink.

The goal of Flink table store is to address the above issues. This is an important step of the project. It extends Flinkā€™s capability from computing to the storage domain. So we can provide a better end-to-end experience to the users.

Click through to see how table storage works.