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Comparing R Package Versions with Diffify

Clarissa Barratt and Parisa Gregg announce an interesting tool:

You know that sinking feeling that you get when you’re months into a big project and you log in one day and nothing works? Turns out something has updated and things have been removed that you needed and now you need to spend hours-days figuring out what’s changed and your masters deadline is getting closer and … ok, apparently this took me back to a very specific event.

But I’m sure most of that sounds familiar to you if you’ve ever programmed something over a longer period of time.

Over the last few months, Jumping Rivers have been working on a tool that will make it easier to see differences between R package versions: Diffify.

Read on to see it in action. It looks quite useful for troubleshooting issues in which a package suddenly changed API functionality, something which tends to happen frequently in the R and Python worlds.