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Thoughts on the Long Run: PolyBase

I have some thoughts on a recent announcement:

We could see the writing on the wall here ever since Cloudera and Hortonworks merged. Cloudera Distribution of Hadoop (CDH) and Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) were both on-premises offerings that you could also get in the cloud. Post-merger, Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) was cloud-only and, to my knowledge, they have never released an on-premises version. Cloud versus on-premises isn’t itself the issue but it does tie in with the issue: in order for PolyBase to work, certain ports need to be exposed on your Hadoop cluster. Cloud offerings tend not to want to expose a bunch of ports to internal services and so PolyBase to CDP was a non-starter.

It’s about 30% bad news, 50% good news, and 20% meh news. Click through for the longer-form version of that.