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Toggling Word Wrap in SSMS

Ronen Ariely shows how to enable word wrap in SQL Server Management Studio:

Line breaking, also known as word wrapping, is breaking the displayed of a section of text into lines so that the text will fit into the available width of the editor. When writing queries this feature is not so useful as breaking the script line may make the query less readable, but when writing long comments this feature become one of the most useful feature. 

This post simply shows you how to use word-wrap by default or add a command button to Toggle Word Wrap – it’s a built-in feature which is less known and if you did not used it yet, then it is time to use the power of word wrap

Because T-SQL is not line or whitespace sensitive, my preference is to break lines well before they hit the point where word wrap makes sense. But if you’re working with some lengthy lines of code or on a low-resolution laptop, this can help a lot.