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Data Personas and Data Platform Rights

Craig Porteous wants us thinking about roles and permissions:

There are a great number of factors that contribute to an organisation’s data maturity, both technical and non-technical. The non-technical factors often have the biggest impact however. Such as how open to change the business’s upper management is, how much data is embraced by department and team leaders, and the training and support provided to utilise new technologies. All of these factors set the expectation and appetite for change within the business much more than the role out of a new product or technology.

Data Personas are one such area that contribute greatly towards Data Maturity as they define responsibility and access beyond the roles and job titles of team members. Individual team members may fit multiple personas or none at all. There are five core Data Personas that need to be established within an organisation for effective data governance and management with some additional personas on the periphery that can map a bit more to specific technical roles. The number of personas will vary depending on the maturity of the organisation’s data platform and their use of data but the core personas are relevant to all organisations.

Click through for an example set of personas and what kinds of rights they would need, broken down in a matrix of environment and data layer.