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Comparing Objects in Powershell

Phil Factor has a new cmdlet for us:

Whatever your development methodology, you need to make changes lightning fast, and the easiest way of doing that is to test frequently. If you are driving this work with PowerShell, which works well, you’ll want to compare the actual results of a process with the expected results. You’re keen to see what’s changed but will often have no idea what to look for beforehand. You need the broad view.

Fine. To do this, you need something that can tell you the differences between two objects. Yes, there is already a cmdlet to do that called Compare-Object. It is useful and ingenious, and works well for what is does, but it doesn’t do enough for our purposes. Let’s run through a few examples, just to explain why I need more for many of the things I do.

Read on to see where Compare-Object could be better and Phil’s solution to the problem.