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Full Query Logging in Cassandra 4.0

Shelby Carpenter explains a new feature in Apache Cassandra 4.0:

First off, we need to understand what counts as a full query log (FQL) in Cassandra. Full query logs record all successful Cassandra Query Language (CQL) requests. Audit logs (also a new feature of Cassandra 4.0), on the other hand, contain both successful and unsuccessful CQL requests. (To learn about the different forms of logging and diagnostic events in Cassandra 4.0, check out this blog by Instaclustr Co-Founder and CTO Ben Bromhead.)

The FQL framework was implemented to be lightweight from the very beginning so there is no need to worry about the performance. This is achieved by a library called Chronicle Queues, which is designed for low latency and high-performance messaging for critical applications.

Read on for information on use cases as well as how you can configure and access full query log information.