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Detecting a Fraud: Power BI Edition

Brett Powell has an interesting post on determining a Power BI consultant’s chops:

This post discusses the forms, origins, and indications of fraud and misrepresentation in the context of Power BI consulting and contract engagements. The intent of this content is to help the reader determine whether a fraud or misrepresentation has occurred and identify characteristics that suggest the potential for a significant variance between expectations and deliverables.

Brett comes at this from the viewpoint of an expert sharing information on the types of things you should expect to see from a qualified consultant. Incidentally, this also works to give you an idea of the types of skills necessary to become a Power BI consultant so if that’s your goal, study this and you’ll be in a solid mindset—especially because this isn’t just a knowledge quiz.

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  1. George Walkey
    George Walkey2021-07-26

    “Power BI and its data transformation capabilities via dataflows and Power Query (M) doesn’t remove the need and value of a true data warehouse.”

    a PBIX file/DataFlow is not a data Warehouse

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