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Optimization Parameters in Oracle 19c

Kellyn Pot’Vin-Gorman enters a time warp:

As I and the dedicated CSA were working to optimize the ETL load on Oracle in Azure IaaS, I noticed that there wasn’t a significant improvement with physical VM and storage changes as expected.  As I dug into the code and database design, I started to document what I’ve summarized above and realized that the database was quite frozen in time. Even though I couldn’t make changes to the code, (per the customer request) I was quickly understanding why we had such limited success and why I was failing miserably as I attempted to put recommended practices in place at the parameter level for the Oracle 19c database from what they had originally.

As I thought this through, I had an epiphany-  This database was doing everything in its power to be a 10g or earlier database so why shouldn’t I optimize it like one?

Read on to see what this entails.