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Whither Code Page 1

Solomon Rutzky unravels a mystery:

Collation names, at least in SQL Server, are structured in that they contain various pieces of information detailing some of the properties of the collation. The collation name of SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS can be broken down as follows:

SQL_ This indicates that the collation is a SQL Server collation, while names without this prefix indicate Windows collations

Latin1_General This is the culture (a.k.a. locale) used for the sorting and comparison rules

CP1 This is the 8-bit [C]ode [P]age

CI This indicates [C]ase- [S]ensitive or [I]nsensitive

AS This indicates [A]ccent- [S]ensitive or [I]nsensitive

Ok, but there’s no code page “1”. So, what’s going on there?

Read on to learn the answer behind this mystery.