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Ending the Number Series Generator Challenge

Itzik Ben-Gan wraps up a great series:

This is the fifth and last part in the series covering solutions to the number series generator challenge. In Part 1Part 2Part 3 and Part 4 I covered pure T-SQL solutions. Early on when I posted the puzzle, several people commented that the best performing solution would likely be a CLR-based one. In this article we’ll put this intuitive assumption to the test. Specifically, I’ll cover CLR-based solutions posted by Kamil Kosno and Adam Machanic.

Many thanks to Alan Burstein, Joe Obbish, Adam Machanic, Christopher Ford, Jeff Moden, Charlie, NoamGr, Kamil Kosno, Dave Mason, John Nelson #2, Ed Wagner, Michael Burbea, and Paul White for sharing your ideas and comments.

Read on for the conclusion.