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Creating XML from SQL Server

Barney Lawrence shows off how to build XML from data in SQL Server:

In my experience creating XML is a less common task than reading it with one semi-exception (that being the old trick of using FOR XML PATH(”) to concatenate strings) but it can be an important one. The biggest piece of XML I’ve built was for a government mandated return, it was the only XML I built on that job but a sizeable proportion of the entire department’s work culminated in it. The switch from a set of Excel macros which took over eight hours to run to something that could rebuilt in minutes had a huge impact on our efficiency, particularly when there would be multiple rounds of validation failures against initial attempts at submission.

There are a few variants when it comes to converting queries into XML but in my opinion the only one you really need to know is the XML PATH approach, the others being either fiddly or not providing enough control.

Click through to learn more about the process. FOR XML PATH(): it’s not just for concatenating strings…