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Updating or Creating a Measure for Power BI PPU without Full Publication

Gilbert Quevauvilliers follows up:

Following on from my previous blog post How to complete granular deployment of Power BI Desktop changes to the Power BI Service (Using PPU), I want to also show how to update or create a measure in my dataset, where I can deploy this via ALM Toolkit.

This now saves me from doing the following tasks previously:

– Time taken to refresh the PBIX file so that the data is up to date.
– Re-uploading my PBIX.
– If configured re-creating the incremental refreshing
– Time and effort to upload and wait for dataset refresh.
– Quick updates to my dataset.

I will not have to worry about saving my PBIX file, file and if configured re-creating the incremental refreshing. This saves me a lot of time and effort.

Read on to see how.