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Fixed Server and Database Roles in SQL Server

Greg Larsen takes us through the built-in set of server and database roles in SQL Server:

Managing Security for SQL Server is extremely important. As a DBA or security administrator, you need to provide access for logins and database users to resources within SQL Server. SQL Server has both server and database resources where access might need to be granted. Access to these resources can be granted to either individual logins or database users or can be granted to roles, for which logins or database users can be members. Granting access via a role is known as role-based security.

There are two types of roles: fixed or user-defined. In this article, I will discuss the different fixed server and database roles provided with SQL Server and how these roles can be used to support role-based security to simplify providing access to the different SQL Server resources. In a future article, I will discuss user-defined server and database roles.

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