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Managing tempdb Growth

Monica Rathbun shares part two in a series:

As you learned in part one of this Mastering TempDB series, TempDB is a global resource used for many operations within SQL Server. You create and allocate temporary user objects such as temporary tables and table variables, rebuild indexes with SORT_IN_TEMPDB=ON, use it for version stores (RCSI), internal objects (worktables, spools, group by, order by) and even DBCC CHECKDB just to name a few. All these operations require space to be allocated in the TempDB database. At times, these operations can result in TempDB growing rapidly, which, in turn, can fill up the file system and cause failures. In this article, you will learn how to fix an overgrown TempDB file that has resulted in it running out of space.

It beats my answer, which is to rip the server out of the rack and chuck it in the ocean.