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Eight Fallacies of Distributed Computing

Kevin Sookocheff dives into things people tend to forget when building distributed computing solutions:

If we continue to develop microservices using the same set of assumptions we used for a monolith, we are operating with a now false set of assumptions that can prevent us from being successful. Even in a small distributed system with just two microservices we need to deal with networked communication that can turn our usual mental model of application development on its head. A common set of rules that can help us update our mental model to be more accurate in a distributed environment is the Eight Fallacies of Distributed Computing commonly attributed to Peter Deutsch, an engineer at Sun microsystems who worked on early versions of Ghostscript, as well as interpreters for Smalltalk and Lisp.

Click through for more information on each of the eight fallacies and what you can do to avoid their resulting pitfalls.