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Tools of the Trade

Mikey Bronowski shares some tool recommendations:

The main tool that I use every day is one I couldn’t live without: Todoist. For work related tasks, personal tasks, and just organizing life in general, Todoist is a to do list app that I’ve relied on to keep my sanity. If I think of something I need to do it immediately goes in the Misc category and I schedule it later. If I think of a blog post idea, it goes in the Ideas column of the Blog Topics category (and if it’s deemed a good idea will eventually go onto To Do, In Progress, and Complete). The free version has more than enough for my needs but if you want additional features or are trying to use it with a team there is a paid version available.

I’m a big fan of Todoist for reminding me what to do, as well as calendar entries for structure and making sure I limit my todo list size.

Mikey also provides great advice: create your own tools. They don’t have to be fancy, so long as they solve relevant problems.