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Visualizing Infrastructure with Terraform Graph

Jonathan D’Aloia shows how we can visualize Terraform-based infrastructure with diagrams:

As can be seen from the image above we have every resource that is defined in the Terraform code that is to be deployed. At a first glance, it does appear that not all the information here is of such relevance, for example, the metadata referring to registry or root provider. However, if we look away from this we can begin to see how the Infrastructure model is going to look once it has been deployed.

We can see that we have one resource group called “example” which has an Azure SQL Server and also an Azure Storage account also both called “example” and that all of these resources directly link to the resource group. I would also point out that you can also see that Azure SQL database directly links to the SQL server giving a clear indication of which databases belong to which server.

Click through for an example as well as the process.