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Working with Serverless and Dedicated SQL Pools in Azure Synapse Analytics

Igor Stanko takes us through both dedicated and serverless SQL Pools in Azure Synapse Analytics:

Both serverless and dedicated SQL pools can be used within the same Synapse workspace, providing the flexibility to choose one or both options to cost-effectively manage your SQL analytics workloads. With Azure Synapse, you can use T-SQL to directly query data within a data lake for rapid data exploration and take advantage of the full capabilities of a data warehouse for more predictable and mission-critical workloads. With both query options available, you can choose the most cost-effective option for each of your use cases, resulting in cost savings across your business.

This post explores 2 consumption choices when exercising analytics using Synapse SQL (serverless and dedicated SQL pools) and examines the power and flexibility provided by Azure Synapse when both are used to execute T-SQL workloads. In addition, we will explore options to control cost when using both models.

Click through for details, including hints on minimizing costs.