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Create the Fastest Number Series Generator

Itzik Ben-Gan has a challenge for us:

I always used my solution with a base table value constructor cardinality of 2, but Marcos’ comment made me think. This tool is so useful that we as a community should join forces to try and create the fastest version that we possibly can. Testing different base table cardinalities is just one dimension to try. There could be many others. I’ll present the performance tests that I’ve done with my solution. I mainly experimented with different table value constructor cardinalities, with serial versus parallel processing, and with row mode versus batch mode processing. However, it could be that an entirely different solution is even faster than my best version. So, the challenge is on! I’m calling all jedi, padawan, wizard and apprentice alike. What’s the best performing solution that you can conjure? Do you have it within you to beat the fastest solution posted thus far? If so, share yours as a comment to this article, and feel free to improve any solution posted by others.

Give it a try.