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Logging Schema Changes with DDL Triggers

Andreas Wolter shows how we can implement a log of object changes with DDL triggers:

Over the years working on customer systems, I personally found it to be invaluable and as best practice equipped any database that I designed with such a small trigger and DDL-log-table, just in case. It has helped many times to quickly solve issues with deployments scripts, non-scripted changes to the systems, problems with Source Control and simply getting answers quickly.
The concept is almost trivial and because DDL changes are usually not in performance-critical code-paths, the theoretical overhead on the DDL statement-runtimes is not relevant. (Unless frequent schema-changes are part of a performance-sensitive workload – in which case I would then question if using DDL is a good idea at all in such a place. Note that temporary tables are not caught by DDL Triggers.)

Click through for more information, as well as a sample script.