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ETL with R in SQL Server

Rajendra Gupta shows one reason for using R inside SQL Server:

Data professionals get requests to import, export data into various formats. These formats can be such as Comma-separated data(.CSV), Excel, HTML, JSON, YAML, Tab-separated data(.TSV). Usually, we use SQL Server integration service ETL packages for data transformations, import or export data.

SQL Machine Learning can be useful in dealing with various file formats. In the article, External packages in R SQL Server, we explored the R services and the various external packages for performing tasks using R scripts.

In this article, we explore the useful Rio package developed by Thomas J. Leeper to simplify the data export and import process.

One thing I’d like to reiterate is that even though you’re using R to move this data, you don’t need to perform any data science activities on the data—R can be the easiest approach for getting and cleaning up certain types of data.