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Preparing for the Kafka-Zookeeper Breakup

Yeva Byzek prepares us:

As described in the blog post Apache Kafka® Needs No Keeper: Removing the Apache ZooKeeper Dependency, when KIP-500 lands next year, Apache Kafka will replace its usage of Apache ZooKeeper with its own built-in consensus layer. This means that you’ll be able to remove ZooKeeper from your Apache Kafka deployments so that the only thing you need to run Kafka is…Kafka itself. Kafka’s new architecture provides three distinct benefits. First, it simplifies the architecture by consolidating metadata in Kafka itself, rather than splitting it between Kafka and ZooKeeper. This improves stability, simplifies the software, and makes it easier to monitor, administer, and support Kafka. Second, it improves control plane performance, enabling clusters to scale to millions of partitions. Finally, it allows Kafka to have a single security model for the whole system, rather than having one for Kafka and one for Zookeeper. Together, these three benefits greatly simplify overall infrastructure design and operational workflows.

Read on to see where this story is at and what kinds of changes you’ll have to make to code.