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Full Moon Finder in R

Tomaz Kastrun has a not-so-useless function:

The full moon function, or should we call it fool moon – due to it’s simplistic and approximate nature, calculates the the difference between the date (only date, no time, no long/lat coordinates) and Julian constant. Should you be using a different calendar, don’t run the function, just look out the window.

The function is written based on generalized equation for julian day numbers and months. Another one could be to calculate RMSE of the predicted values and realization of lunar behavior (lunatic start time). In this case – reversed engineering – you would use the the approximate date/time for the first new moon after that date if the synod period was constant. This number than obtained is only empirically proven by recursively solving for the new “possible date/time” of lunar behavior and calculate the prediction error. In order to minimize the RMSE value of the difference between the full moon dates/times predicted formula and the dates/times for the full moon over the next 10 years you get something like this.

Click through for the function as well as sound advice if it’s not a full moon.