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Querying Multiple Data Sources in Azure Synapse Analytics

James Serra walks us through querying Data Lake Storage Gen2, Cosmos DB, and a table created in an Azure Synapse serverless Apache Spark pool:

As I was finishing up a demo script for my presentation at the SQL PASS Virtual Summit on 11/13 (details on my session here), I wanted to blog about part of the demo that shows a feature in the public preview of Synapse that is frankly, very cool. It is the ability to query data as it sits in ADLS Gen2, a Spark table, and Cosmos DB and join the data together with one T-SQL statement using SQL on-demand (also called SQL serverless), hence making it a federated query (also known as data virtualization). The beauty of this is you don’t have to first write ETL to collect all the data into a relational database in order to be able to query it all together, and don’t have to provision a SQL pool, saving costs. Further, you are using T-SQL to query all of those data sources so you are able to use a reporting tool like Power BI to see the results.

Click through to see how.