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Indexing S3 Data with NiFi and CDP Data Hubs

Eva Nahari, et al, walk us through text indexing of S3 data with Solar, NiFi, and Cloudera Data Platform:

Data Discovery and Exploration (DDE) was recently released in tech preview in Cloudera Data Platform in public cloud. In this blog we will go through the process of indexing data from S3 into Solr in DDE with the help of NiFi in Data Flow. The scenario is the same as it was in the previous blog but the ingest pipeline differs. Spark as the ingest pipeline tool for Search (i.e. Solr) is most commonly used for batch indexing data residing in cloud storage, or if you want to do heavy transformations of the data as a pre-step before sending it to indexing for easy exploration. NiFi (as depicted in this blog) is used for real time and often voluminous incoming event streams that need to be explorable (e.g. logs, twitter feeds, file appends etc).

Our ambition is not to use any terminal or a single shell command to achieve this. We have a UI tool for every step we need to take. 

Click through to see how well they do at that.