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Finding Unused SQL Server Tables

Nisarg Upadhyay shares a few techniques to look for whether a table is currently in use:

In this article, I am going to demonstrate how we can identify the unused tables of a given SQL Database. As a database administrator, we must maintain the tables and objects of the SQL Database. In my organization, when we add a new column or change the data type of a column, we export the data of the existing table in the backup table. Often, we forgot to review and maintain those backup tables. So as a solution, we decided to create a SQL Job that populates the list of unused tables and email the list to the DBA Team for review.

The best way to decommission any table is to rename it first, and if it does not break the functionality of the application, we can drop the table and its dependencies. We decided that after a review of the unused table completes; we will rename the tables and later drop them.

Click through for the techniques and a script which checks tables. It does look fairly reasonable, with the concern being if you restart the SQL Server instance or look at a table which is only accessed at a particular time of year.