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Automating Collection of SSIS Failure Data

Rob Sewell has a love for automation:

I have tried my best at all times to follow this advice in the last decade and pretty much I am happy that I have managed it.

– I use PowerShell (a lot!) to automate all sorts of routine tasks including migrating this blog
– I use Jupyter Notebooks to enable myself and others to automate Run Books, Training, Documentation, Demonstrations, Incident Response. You can find my notebooks here
– I use Azure DevOps to automate infrastructure creation and changes with terraform and delivery of changes to code as well as unit testing.
– I use GitHub actions to create this blog, publish the ADSNotebook module
– I use Chocolatey to install and update software
– I have used Desired State Configuration to ensure that infrastructure is as it is expected to be

At every point I am looking for a means to automate the thing that I am doing because it is almost guaranteed that there will be a time in the future after you have done a thing that there will be a need to do it again or to do it slightly differently.

Click through to see what Rob has for us in the way of collecting SSIS log data after job failures.